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february '24



WARNING! CAR ACCIDENT: god dude. i got into a major car crash thursday. everything is shit right now. i'm physically pretty okay other than a couple gashes in my head and cuts and bruises but if i think about my car for too long i feel nauseous. it's completely totalled and i just feel so shit. my entire body hurts and the doctors found like a nodule or something in my lung so i am having a little bit of trouble breathing. my cds were in my car and i have no idea if they are okay yet. i don't know if i want to even drive again i just keep thinking about the other car slamming into me. there was this one second where i swore i couldn't breathe which i know is just because i got the wind knocked out of me but holy shit. plus i called my fucking mother first and the first thing she said was that it is my fault and that she's angry with me which fucking sucked to hear literally a minute after. then one of my best friends messaged me and all he said was 'was it your fault' and that he was surprised i got medical attention. hi by the way if you're reading this. but god i've been home these past couple days and i really don't want to go back and be stuck.

i don't have much else to say since i have been thinking about this nonstop and writing this makes me feel sick. hopefully my next entry is more upbeat but yeah.



HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess who's back. again. still planning on majoring in film but actually i'm going to have a Second major in french too. my roommate ended up being a narc and fucking annoying but he left so i have the entire room to myself which is awesome. i have a slightly more normal schedule than last semester where i had two days a week where i had three classes; now i have two mon-thurs and one on friday. i completed my required freshman class but i am now in a different one. it seems better since i actually chose the topic. it's about zines and counterculture writing so hopefully it goes well since i enjoy both of these things. yippeeeeeee. i got a helix piercing and a second lobe piercing :]! i have to wait until i get more money for more and a tattoo but i am excited. my friend and my radio show is going well and it's very fun, i choose the music while she chooses the discussion topics.

i am having a nice time so far though sometimes i feel so boreeeedddd. 'recently' i've been partying on fridays and saturdays which has been super fun. i love weed. anywho i will be updating more often probably since i have free time and also a few of my classes are mindnumbingly boring