! ! ! ! ! ! ! TRANSSEXUALS HAVE GOT TO GET MEANER! BITE FIRST OR BE BITTEN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! MY PRONOUNS ARE I'M/FUCKING/YOUR/MOM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BECOME MORE DERANGED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SCULPT AND TRANSFORM YOUR BODY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ABUSE DRUGS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! MAKE FUCKED UP ART ! ! ! ! ! ! ! HAVE KINKY SEX ! ! ! ! ! ! ! GET PIERCED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BE A FAGGOT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BE UNPALATABLE TO THE MASSES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BEING TRANS IS PUNK ROCK ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SOCK IT TO ME ! ! ! ! ! ! ! QUEER AS HELL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PANSY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ARM TRANS KIDS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! THIS IS THE AGE OF SIN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! REJECT THE ORDER OF CREATION ! ! ! ! ! ! ! DESTROY ! ! ! ! ! ! !


blog posts



meow hello. my hockey team in the ahl is not doing too well >:( anyway i am hoping they pull through please please please please. i have done absolutely nothing this past week and a half (?). the amount of tv i've watched is ridiculous. truly. i got a new watch yayyyy!!!!! i've also been thinking that i need to exercise more since i've had a lot of aches and pains throughout my body. or there's also a massage place nearby. some combination of the two would be best to be honest. i finally got shorts which is wild considering it's consistently 90+ degrees where i live but yayyyy. i've also gotten new insoles for my boots which is great. by the way if anyone warns you off of docs because of a massive decrease in quality these past few years: they're right.

i really need to get a job but other than that i'm pretty okay i think. ciao



hello party people. i am getting a watch yayyyy. i broke my last one by accidentally hitting the edge of a table so i will be more careful. at least it was only €6. i found this fantastic tea that tastes similar to an indian tea. it's from the brand "traditional medicinals" and is called "throat coat". i think jacksepticeye drinks it which is pretty awesome and cool.

the cleveland monsters are heading the the eastern finals for the calder which is fun. it's way too hot but i am staying in yayyy. i am already watching season 6 of seinfeld so i think i'm speedrunning it. right now i am putting off writing a cover letter for a job application and my father is no help since apparently 'no one needs those anymore'. he says he's never written one which is incredibly helpful (not).

if you haven't been watching dan and phil highly recommend the sims lore is crazy. that reminds me i should play the sims bye !



HELLO. i am alive. i am officially on summer break. i said in my last blog post that i hoped that this post would be more upbeat and it is!

so far i have all As in my finals for my classes which is very yippeeeeee. my family is planning on going abroad this summer to visit family which will be fun and i am going to go to a martial arts camp which is always a ton of fun. sorry i haven't updated but i've been super busy. i would say that i am going to update as much as possible this summer but i say that everytime and i think my words have lost all integrity. i am all healed up from my car accident; all i have now is a scar. my cds are pretty banged up but the discs themselves are still okay so i think i'm going to sort them into one of those folder things to protect them. i went to a film festival this semester for FREE!!!!!!!! and it was so much fun. then i volunteered for one which was also awesome.

i was having some trouble with my tumblr since my theme wasn't showing up but i got it fixed so i recommend you check it out (i really like it). uhhhhh i recently shattered my watch which kind of sucks but i am hoping on getting a new one for my birthday. i got an industrial piercing!! it did not hurt as much as i expected it to since my piercer told me she almost passed out when she got hers but it looks awesome! i can't wait for it to heal completely (crossing my fingers) so that i can switch up the jewelry. otherwise honestly nothing much has gone on. OH i got accepted to go abroad for a winter term in france next year which i'm psyched about. now i'm going to make some pages for this site and update things



WARNING! CAR ACCIDENT: god dude. i got into a major car crash thursday. everything is shit right now. i'm physically pretty okay other than a couple gashes in my head and cuts and bruises but if i think about my car for too long i feel nauseous. it's completely totalled and i just feel so shit. my entire body hurts and the doctors found like a nodule or something in my lung so i am having a little bit of trouble breathing. my cds were in my car and i have no idea if they are okay yet. i don't know if i want to even drive again i just keep thinking about the other car slamming into me. there was this one second where i swore i couldn't breathe which i know is just because i got the wind knocked out of me but holy shit. plus i called my fucking mother first and the first thing she said was that it is my fault and that she's angry with me which fucking sucked to hear literally a minute after. then one of my best friends messaged me and all he said was 'was it your fault' and that he was surprised i got medical attention. hi by the way if you're reading this. but god i've been home these past couple days and i really don't want to go back and be stuck.

i don't have much else to say since i have been thinking about this nonstop and writing this makes me feel sick. hopefully my next entry is more upbeat but yeah.



HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess who's back. again. still planning on majoring in film but actually i'm going to have a Second major in french too. my roommate ended up being a narc and fucking annoying but he left so i have the entire room to myself which is awesome. i have a slightly more normal schedule than last semester where i had two days a week where i had three classes; now i have two mon-thurs and one on friday. i completed my required freshman class but i am now in a different one. it seems better since i actually chose the topic. it's about zines and counterculture writing so hopefully it goes well since i enjoy both of these things. yippeeeeeee. i got a helix piercing and a second lobe piercing :]! i have to wait until i get more money for more and a tattoo but i am excited. my friend and my radio show is going well and it's very fun, i choose the music while she chooses the discussion topics.

i am having a nice time so far though sometimes i feel so boreeeedddd. 'recently' i've been partying on fridays and saturdays which has been super fun. i love weed. anywho i will be updating more often probably since i have free time and also a few of my classes are mindnumbingly boring



hello it has been over three months since i have updated and i am back baby! i am officially in college and majoring in film. stuck in the same city unfortunately but at least i live on campus so i am vaguely away. i have three (3) friends yippee they are awesome. i am enjoying my side of the room but my roommate irritates me and i can't tell if i am just prejudiced against cishet white men with blonde hair or if they are valid criticisms. i have one film analysis class that is my favorite class and it is so fun and awesome but i only get to have it twice a week. one of them i am neutral-to-positive about because i get to study bones and murder scenes but it is also far from my dorm and starts at 8:20 in the morning. i dislike my filmmaking class since it is an introduction and i already know this shit i am bored out of my mind.

i Hate my required freshman class basically it teaches you how to articulate empathy and shit and i love the professor she teaches my favorite class too but the PEOPLE. we are reading james baldwin and maxine hong kingston and the people in my class are either white and ignorant or have some sort of weird internalized racism. except for my friends at least they are wonderful. there is one guy (we'll call him "T") and he is literally native american but he was saying that race is self-imposed because people of color generally stick with other people of the same race or at least non-whites. I'M GOING TO EXPLODE HIM WITH MY FUCKING MIND DUDE HE IS SO FUCKING IRRITATING.

anyway i am having a nice time otherwise i have never gotten to see friends everyday outside of school so we are getting close quickly. also every week there is a party on saturdays since my school is a party school, and i have enjoyed the last few since we just got high and chilled it was fun. i am being careful and whatnot i am not an idiot and also i like to have control of what i say and when

we are planning to get tattoos and piercings this winter so that there is no chance of infection through swimming in water or anything which i am ecstatic about, i already have some ideas and whatnot yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. also i am drinking my second ever pumpkin spice latte rn and i understand why white girls are obsessed with these it's pretty good.

ALSO i have a radio show with my friend, it is so awesome and cool i love playing music and talking about absolutely nothing it is so fun



I GOT MY NOSE PIERCED !! it's a 22g gold wire at the moment since that is the traditional starter in india. i sent an ask to strange aeons [the youtuber] and she said that buying a 20g earring would be fine to stretch the piercing since i do not think there are many places that sell such thin nose rings/studs. i'm so excited. it's predictably already gotten infected but it's fine now and i'm psyched it hurt about as much as i expected it to. it was worse than getting my ears pierced but it only made my eyes water. plus after the actually piercing it didn't really hurt at all

in the future i desperately want a lip piercing it's so awesome. my parents have decided that they will give an allowance since i am staying nearby for college but they would fucking hate me getting more piercings. the plan is to pay in cash for piercings and tattoos then which might be a pain in the ass. i do have some ideas for tattoos, mainly them being based off of bands like these art pieces by tumblr user mads-schubert. i really want the vampires and our lady ones they are everything to me. i also want one dedicated to my uncle who died of throat cancer. that's all i know for sure but i will totally think of more probably

you [if anyone is reading this apart from me in the future] may have seen the previous blog post that said that i accidentally reloaded and lost all my work. this is me both retyping that and blogging for the past couple of days but jesus CHRIST top ten stupidest kc moments. i just sat there is shock for like 5 min afterwards. this is what i get for using the in-web editor

the beach was actually not that fun since i got heat exhaustion and felt like shit the whole time. it was crazy. we drove there the first day -- for context, these birth control pills that i have recently started have a chance of making you feel nauseous for a little while when you start taking them -- and i felt nauseous and yakked twice. it was terrible. i hadn't had much water and had been wearing a jacket in the dry, sunny, indian summer and yet it had not occured to me that it might be something other than the swerving roads though i suspect that hadn't helped much either. my aunt was also feeling like shit and she started calling us "the barfing sisters" and she was losing (or winning???) with a score of 3 - 2 by the time we arrived at the hotel

the hotel was. okay. i am aware that there might not be a/c [which there actually was] but for some reason the whole place was weirdly and really dirty. like there was literal dirt and grime caked into the corners of rooms. this was especially weird for a hotel that was advertized as 'new'. like just-opened new. really bizarre i'm telling you man. at least there was a little kitty :] it was too skittish for me to snag a picture but it was sooo small and cute

speaking of animals. this might make me sound strange or mean or something but i don't like my auntie's dog. i don't know! i'm a cat person and i know this as well as my general hesitance towards new dogs PARTICULARLY jumpy ones. i don't know what it is about the dog but i just don't find her.... cute. she's small and jumpy and EXTREMELY loud. i get migraines [the bad ones] and for some reason my auntie and uncle [who have an eight-year-old son] give the dog the loudest toys imaginable. for example, their apartment is entirely floored with some sort of stone. it is polished and extremely hard. one of the toys that they gave a small hyperactive animal is a steel spoon. can you Imagine the noise because she slams it against the fucking floor and it clatters and i'm autistic and the noise of that makes me want to actually tear my ears off

she's just. a lot. i love my dog very much since she knows us and the way we taught her is to be Quiet. she'll be loud sometimes but then she'll be outdoors where she can run around and bark and shit but we didn't give her insanely loud toys. i also think i just like big dogs more. my dog is large and fluffy like a giant teddy bear and my auntie's dog is squirmy and not very soft

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH, IASIP S16 SPOILERS || i saw the first three episodes season 16 of it's always sunny. i think it's pretty good so far, sometimes the jokes i think were over explained ? like the bit where frank acted like a dog in e2 was understood they didn't really need to say it. or they should've said it but only when dennis was ranting at the end in the bar

i finally registered for my classes but they removed my top choice [the class about death] without explanation?? like one day it was just *poof* gone. i substituted it with a class about pop psych. my roommate has been set in stone and i should know my dorm room this month-ish. i need to find out if he's queer so i know how faggy i can be

uhhhhh i think that's it. in france we're going to an amusement park which i'm excited about, my sister and i are planning on going on every ride. it's going to be hot as balls there so we have to plan extensively. after france i think we are going to the smokies or something?? my parents are thinking about buying a car that i can use once we get back in the states but i don't think they are understanding that the last time that i have been actually free to go out and have fun without the threat of schoolwork or the INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE hanging over my head was in......... Maybe eighth grade. otherwise uhhh never. all i know is that sometimes when i can't sleep and i am just staring at the patterns on the ceiling painted by passing cars i sink into the feeling and realization that i'm actually. stuck here. like i am literally just fucking stuck. i tried to move away and for various reasons it didn't work out so now i am stuck in my fucking hometown.

what a queer fucking tragedy.






it has been a while since i have been travelling <:] i am in india currently visiting family which is good. i got a new kurta yesterday and am planning to get some henna done soon. my back hurts since i have to sleep on the floor on a thin mattress but other than that it's all good. we even have ac in our room and western bathrooms. very fancy indeed. we're going to the beach later this week which is going to be cool and hopefully it'll be cooler temperature-wise as well.

tomorrow s16 of it's always sunny is coming out and i'm very excited yippeeeee. i am getting a lot of comments about my green hair which is both entertaining and sometimes annoying. OH i MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT be getting my nose pierced i am so excited for that my mother said yes if my father says yes which he said no at first but being where he grew up is putting him in a good mood and he seems to be changing his mind. he was asking my auntie whether she had her nose pierced [she had!] hype to be honest

class registration for college opens up soon-ish [like next week] and there is a class about death which i am hoping i get into. there is another about pests and creatures that is also a viable option

after india we are going to france to visit More family and to be honest i could not give less of a shit. my grandmother is old, racist, and strict and completely out of it so we are going to be staying in her old house and we're going to have to take care of her fucking garden the whole time for some reason. WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO GARDEN AND SHE HAS ENOUGH MONEY FOR A GARDENER. i hate gardening so much why us.




tomorrow is my last exam and summer officially starts!! <:] i get to see my friends on monday which is going to be fun. my sister had some friends over though and didn't clean up the back upstairs where we hang out so the ants that had not been there for a while came back. she still hasn't cleaned it and i am going to lose it.

i am getting a gir hoodie!! so excited but i have to order it later since my size would have to be shipped from the factory instead of like. my local hot topic. this monday i had to go to a dinner with my parent's family friends and it was EXHAUSTING. on friday i'm probably going on a date with my boyfriend then later that day i am going to a party called "cowboy soup night" where you dress up like a cowboy and bring soup to eat around a campfire. it should be okay since according to the host there should be 10-ish people. monday before dinner i graduated and it was unsurprisingly boring.

i am going to plan every three days to take a walk or to skate or go out or something because i KNOW that i will not go outside if not planned.



took my math exams and they sucked ass, as expected. one of them sucked less ass than the other. history was terrible all around. french was easy though which was a great way to end the week. got my hair redyed and a haircut then was forced to go out to dinner to a very loud italian restaurant where i was forced to watch the heat win a game anyway i am sort of reverting to emo which is kind of fun. graduation is monday but i still have exams after that so it does not feel monumental. plus i do not get exam results back for months. i have rewatched invader zim and had an autism moment at the italian restaurant as i explained the plot and why it is good then why it got cancelled. gir so cool no wonder all the neurodivergents love iz <3 tomorrow is mother's day which will most definitely be a shitshow. BYE COW!!!!



HOLY SHIT i have a lot to talk about. it has been about two months since my last update and i swear i did not forget about updating, it was just the last two months of my senior year of high school. i'm taking exams right now actually. it sucks so bad. to explain me nearly getting kicked out of high school, that was not an exaggeration or whatever and it happened a second time after that.

so basically my school requires that you have 100 hours of community service. i had been doing community service since early 11th grade and did not know anything was wrong until my teacher pulled me aside when there was only a little bit of school left and fucking blamed it on me. so i had to find more records of my shit for the past year. it was incredibly stressful. she also called my dad who is not even the primary number to call. he thought he was having a heart attack and had to go to the hospital.

the second time was because my english grade was so bad that i might not have gotten my last credit needed to graduate. it all worked out since that grade was the result of two bad reading quizzes. my teacher said that if i did not do this one last assignment i wouldn't pass and wouldn't graduate. i did it

well i'm probably going to graduate, not thinking about exams. this week i am taking my two math exams, three history, and my first french exam. last week i took my two english exams (easy). then next week i have my last two french exams and my two biology exams.

i have decided on my college for next year but i am struggling to find a roommate especially since i do not particularly like people or talking to people or meeting people or............. you understand.

since i don't have school anymore i will be updating this site MUCH more often. i will be traveling in june so then is iffy but before and after that i'll be super active. my tumblr will have pictures that i take during the trip. bye and sorry for disappearing for two months



holy SHIt i have not updated this in a long time. i went to visit that college and it was awesome but due to recent events i will not be going :C it sucks ass because the tour made it jump higher on my list. i visited another and decided that it was way too large and not the atmosphere that i want. got the prom date so i have marked off when to ignore conversations as they will Only revolve around prom which is endlessly annoying. one of my teachers might be getting fired which. deserved <3 she literally fucking made up something that is vital to our graduation which caused my class undue stress. PLUS: constantly insulting us from a position of authority, fully not knowing the requirements for the course, and leaving school because she felt like it. basically my class has been notified that a twenty-page paper vital to our graduation is actually due march 22 and we have no feedback on any rough drafts despite her saying she would do that. we had to get other teachers and administration involved and we are basically teaching ourselves. it's fucking ridiculous. we got today and yesterday excused so that we could camp out in the library to write our papers and peer review. i'm not even close to finished either. on top of this i am only passing two out of my seven classes. both are Cs. and what if i died. about that paper, the play that i am writing about is actually good and i am becoming crazy about it which is making it EXTREMELY difficult to write about it academically and not be insane. everything sucks



ash wednesday aka ash evil dead day [this was pointed out to me by my boyfriend] spoke about how if i was in the apocalypse i would have no issue with eating a cooked baby so i think i have met my quota for creeping out the classmates [surpassed it though]. also you have no idea how long it took me to spell apocalypse. i had to look it up too i did not even guess it correctly. anyway i also talked about mash during english since someone mentioned a dead baby and i mean. What Else am i going to think about. went to history where i had to do a group assignment [crowd boos and jeers]. then unsuccessfully speedran a presentation vital to my graduation though i got out of it since my right contact ripped [putting my eye in pain for about three and a half hours] and then fell out [giving me a headache and 'throwing off my equilibrium' according to my theatre teacher. and who was i to correct her, clearly she knew better than to let me present in her class after such a harrowing experience ] came home and spent about an hour petting a cat that hangs about. his name is catcow because he looks like a little cow. i will try and snap a picture of him next time i see him about and i'll upload him to the rosie page. all day i have been sore since i worked out unnecessarily hard yesterday night at my karate class but it was fun. i think i am going to post updates here less often but make them longer [like these past few posts]. hopefully i can induct my last friend into joining irc since i will completing the switch if/when he asks for help setting it up. visiting a college tomorrow so i might update with comments about that but that it for now.



no school today thank GOD. got a call from my program coordinator saying that i did not turn something vital to graduation even though i fucking DID. spent a while on here fixing my site. yesterday i got a bunch of my friends to download irc clients and i helped them set up their accounts. hoping to get everyone on there since i am leaving the fucking spyware software [discord]. then i watched it's always sunny. i saw a trailer for sharper too, and i might just watch it because sebastian stan is in there. love that guy. on another note, i think i am going to stop dyeing my hair. i like the green but i think my hair looks better natural. cleaned and showered then did more chores which is probably the wrong order to go about things. okay i desperately need to work so i can get my grades up to actually fucking graduate so i am going to go do that while watching it's always sunny



took a quiz in english. eugh. went to history and then theatre where we did not do anything. had to go to sparring and got my ass kicked since i felt nauseous the whole time.



today i went to bio and we took notes and whatnot. skipped math and went outside with a pop paid for by someone else instead. skipped my next class and had lunch. went to my philosophy class where my teacher was being an ass despite me Telling Her that i had restarted my essay and that if it was bad that was why and then she was somehow surprised despite forcing me to turn it in then. absolute bullshit i swear. i speedran the shit out of that thing it was crazy. then watched it's always sunny



actually left Nearly on time. was still late but only by a minute. had a french test that i forgor about but i did great because i'm awesome then watched heathers since we did nothing else. watched an it's always sunny episode in my next period then painted my nails in the next. there was some serenading going on since it is valentine's day. i heard the caroling group six times somehow. had lunch then skipped class. then conducted an experiment with sulfuric acid which was cool. filmed most of the scenes for a short film for film club where i get into a fight and get murdered which was sick. got home late and then left to teach which was an hour of repeating myself to second and third graders. next hour though i got to do jujitsu came home and had dinner and got a $25 gift card from my parents. all in all: i have a shit ton of candy to eat.



FUCKING LEFT LATE. i did make it to class (30 minutes late). did my history homework in english then went to history. had to rush to french since we were doing a crêpe day and i was in charge because i am french and took lead i guess. it was fucking exhausting and i did not get to eat until my sixth period. we did not do shit then there were some presentations but they were unimportant. came home and watched it's always sunny since my brain is fucking fried. had dinner and an entire tub of ice cream so all in all. kill me



woag. today i went to the indian store where i bought some jalebi and essential things. ippee then i went and ate south indian (dosas, idli, sambar, uttapam, and pakoras). this was like three hours of driving and my ass hurts now. augh.



went to a four-hour-long advanced jujitsu class so now i am sore all over but it was awesome i was late though since i was watching it's always sunny while eating ramen and did not see the time. anyway then i fucked around at home until dinner and a gartic phone/jackbox call. i also ordered my new phone (yippee). it was fun.



yippee friday. i woke up late today :p HOWEVER i got to dissect a sheep heart this morning which was brutual (in the good way). one of my trio's group members got queasy so i got to do more and i am stronger than the other girl so i got to do Even More. it was fun >:] one of my teachers was being evaluated so she actually taught which was bizarre and exhausting. then i had to speedrun a week-late paper before 14:00. got home and did absolutely nothing then went to my martial arts class where i got headbutted in the ass and flipped around. i got a dress that is green (astonishing.), a d.a.r.e. sweatshirt, a star wars shirt, and the ugliest, grimest, saddest, most cigarette-trannyfag-looking sweater i have ever seen. i HAD to buy it. then i got (cold) pizza and meant to watch all quiet on the western front but i got pissed at people talking so i fucked around on the web instead. still planning on watching it though. okay bye daniel and philip time



i woke up in an absurdly good mood today since i fell asleep at two in the morning which gave me a complete two hours during my third and fourth periods i went and failed a math test. this is deserved. i went home and did exactly zero (0) pieces of homework, instead looking at then i had to go teach some children how to do martial arts which was terrible and awful since i had to teach first-day material which is immensely boring. drove home and did not do anything, then started on a guide to high school (sort of) for my sibling.



today was my first day back after being sick for five days so now i'm behind (more than usual anyway). got a bad grade on a practice paper whose official grade will be vital to my graduation and then did not take notes and drew instead at least someone asked me if i got a haircut (which i did) and i replied "no". it confuses the shit out of people i love doing that. okay time to play the sims while watching dan and phil also play the sims.

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